Statistics, Com Theory, Beer, and Beatles…

Maybe i am just a little exhausted and disillusioned from the world of academia and the promise of the "good life" if i just do what the establishment deems as a prerequisite to any kind of successful life. Perhaps they (the establishment) are accurate when they emphatically support a well rounded liberal arts education as an essential tool to a fiscally prosperous life. I cannot escape the nagging thought however of all this work for a piece of paper that basically establishes your creditable as it were, or worthiness to be interviewed for an entry level job that (that has nothing to do with your major ) you will hate for ten years, and finally get a few promotions on your way to fifty and then what? A gold watch? Pension? Nice 401K… I have seen this over an over throughout life. Of course i have also seen it go the other way as well. I do not want to sound like a bedwetting, ungrateful brat that can't understand the value of an education-i most certainly do. It's just that i view the motives for obtaining it in a different light.

I have noticed throughout my many, many years as an undergrad that everything you need to learn, everything that is of any real value anyway, is what they try to tell in in Psychology 101-but of course as a freshman you are too consumed with immediate gratification and co-dependent relationships, and all the other things psych 101 deems to stunt mental growth, so you kind of miss it. Of course, in retrospect, theses things make sense. When you are in the midths of life you often miss it, as John Lennon once said much more eloquently. So, in this lame attempt to stop and smell the roses, i feel so much inner conflict with what i desire and what i am expected to do. College for me has been a journey of self-discovery and revelation. It is in college at about the age of 21 or so when you start to develop a pluralistic mind and reexamine the nature of things. I am 27 and have returned to finally finish my undergrad, and feel such alienation from the attitudes i held last time i attended an undergrad university class. There is little that i have in common anymore with the new matriculation of bright young minds eager to graduate and get out into the work force. I want to graduate, it can only help me, and it most definitely cannot harm me- it only opens options for me. it also gives me piece of mind for finishing something i started, but to what end? I look at the scenario and i am confused…100,000 dollars later and i get a piece of paper? Is that really tangible? I guess i may sound naive, but maybe not. I take courses where i learn about how to calculate the best and most efficient route to deliver mail, and how to calculate my Cronsbac's Alpha in order to determine if my coiffeincent correlation is substantial enough to be significant in the school of social science of communication theory. I guess the point i am trying to make is all this money and effort expended is to essentially not necessary for what kind of life i want to pursue. I want the time to write, walk my dog, and "live off the hook". I suppose to secure that, one needs money because it buys piece of mind and freedom such as the pleasures aforementioned. I recognize that it is necessary, and that is the system i have to massage. I am not complaining really, i guess i just have a lot to do-a lot of hoops to jump through before society says i can start my life. I'm guess i'm just anxious to go fishing. I just think education should be for education sake. I am an idealist i guess. i do know the game however, am i am willing to play it for now…like i said, i'm just anxious to go fishing.


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