New Business Opportunities.

doggie grooming... Yorky gets a trim.

Steph and I have been talking about an all inclusive doggie day care, and grooming business with Steph's dad lately, and the more we fantasise about it, the more it starts to make a lot of sense. I have been unconsciously perusing books entitled Small Business Management, and Bookkeeping for Small Businesses, and paying more attention to the upcoming doggie apparel than maybe i should for a straight man in a two year relationship! The idea sounds so good, and everywhere i turn and everything i read says now is a great time to start a business. With the Internet revolution, the ability to reach small markets is totally affordable, and infrastructure software is cheaper than ever as well to reach the bigger markets (if you can buy enough key words). The prospect of this business is tantalizing, and tempting. It would be nice just to control something – whatever it may be, especially a doggie day care. Andy, Steph's brother, has informed me that he wants to known as the "cool guy" in the bar with the doggie day care business…i definitely think that could be arranged. We all are excited, but don't know if the reality of it is really possible. I guess it is, we just need the start up capital. There are many investors willing to write a check for 100,000 dollars these days then there were ten years ago when the same company would cost five times that much to start.

I plan on taking some small business classes this summer hopefully if i can squeeze it in. I really am anxious to know more about it, and the possibility of actually doing it. Of course, Gus would be our main advertising platform, with his good looks and charm, it would be a fish in a barrel.

just look at him.



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