Middle America, or West Coast?

Stephs Golden B-day Night 005 (Small).jpgCoronado and Balboa 019.jpgDSC01006.JPG

For me, ultimately there really is no question where i would rather live, Middle America. Many times – most of the time, the people make the place, and in this era of my life, this is most certainly the case here. I have very compelling reasons now to move on; to go to the next destination on the track of life. The things i now want are located in central Ohio. In a very short time i will be relocating to the Midwest.

I do have preferences and predilection towards "America's Finest City," however i do have grievances, that no longer sit well with me. I feel such a sense of nostalgia of San Diego life while simultaneously living here. It's as if i am walking around remembering someone else's life; following an invisible man. San Diego is synonymous with an era, and specific time period that is now over. It's very strange. Time to move on to the next phase, and this last call of cities is a welcome one. This move however, can never take away the amount of strange affection i feel for this place. San Diego represents such a tumultuous yet joyful time for me; a melange of heartbreak, disappointment, abuse, and yet triumph, and now success. I find it so hard to reconcile the affinity i feel and the desire to go. I know i will always want to visit, and to visit with the people now that fill my life with so much hope and light. I will visit later in life and regale them of my trials and tribulations – not to be so biblical, but i feel the events were biblical in proportion. In fact, it was a damn miracle that i am leaving here and moving on with my life. Moses parting the Red Sea isn't a miracle -it didn't even happen. Those kind of magic tricks you can see David Blain perform on the Discovery Channel. That is not how you see miracles in life. Miracles are a single mother raising ten children, or an addict kicking drugs and living a prosperous life. I suppose this is my sappy and little miracle – making something out of what could have easily been nothing. I have people to thank as well, and you know who you are. Anyway, as i am writing this, i just see a flash of memories in my head. City streets, Ocean Beach, Sea World, and Balboa Park are woven into my conciseness and dreams, and i will remember the time i spent here fondly, as the culmination of million little miraculous events that set me free.



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