Andrea’s Take: Law School is Like a Perpetual Plane Ride

among the millions of reasons that i think andrea is one of the greatest humans to walk this earth, lies this little gem…an email she wrote to me today:

just got to copyright, sat down, walked over people, watched everyone get situated, and realized that law school is just like the airport and flying (for us). i just keep moving way too close to strangers, hurrying, late, trying to get to the place i "have" to be until i can ultimately sit down and relax, which is in no sense relaxing, like on a plane an uncomfortable seat where i am still too close to people until it lets out. before i get on the plane, i'm carrying too much stuff, trying to get coffee, watching people try to find computer outlets and a place to sit and seeing people eating all kinds of really questionable food. the halls are dirty and gross, and you constantly want to soak yourself in purell, like a terminal. and the bathrooms are disgusting and chaotic, and toilets just flush and flush, and people awkwardly battle for the sinks. the conversations as people move about are cordial in a very uncomfortable way, so uncomfortable that it is uneasy listening to other people have them.then once you are sitting, it's technically where you are supposed to be, and you have to acknowledge the people near you….and it's pretty awful until it ends where you say the same fake stuff, like, "just so much to do, lots to study, see you tomorrow" …..whatever, or "enjoy your time in Phoenix."

andrea's world…


One thought on “Andrea’s Take: Law School is Like a Perpetual Plane Ride

  1. andrea says:

    awwww, miss you!!!!!!!!!! right now, both of you… go to the airport and get on an airplane. come home so steph can accompany me through the airport and on to the airplane. wait, what?

    can’t wait for you to move back!!! miss you, loveyou!

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