Poor Little Goosey

It is absolutely heartbreaking that my little baby is sick!!! I feel so helpless. I think I sort of understand what it must be like to have a human baby who is sick. haha. It really is the worst thing though…constant worrying and all I do is wish I could fix it for him. Chris…you are coming with me to the vet tomorrow (if you can!). No openings until this afternoon, and I have class. So tomorrow morning we are going to make this little baby feel better!

My inability to study seems to be infecting today already. I guess it's not just a weekend disease. Seriously, no two people are better at wasting time doing silly stuff than Chris and I. It goes sort of like this…Sit down, glance at a page of Federal Tax. Get up, dance across the room. Eat some pretzles. Hug Chris. Chris and I dance to something really dorky like Neil Diamond or Phil Collins. Sit back down. Remember that I need to floss. Go to the bathroom. Check my email. Watch Chris perform an amazing jig routine. Oh yeah. Federal Tax. I love you Chris!!! You make every minute of time AWESOME!!!!


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