Da Vinci Code and Gooses Snake 001 (Small).jpg

this is the beatiful scene i walked into the night that i finished my finals. i couldn't have imagined anything better…chris waiting for me, ready to congratulate me on an accomplishment that deserves no merit in the real world – finishing the second year of law school. but he knew. and that matters. when i was walking down the long hallway to our apartment, i imagined a senseless celebration lying behind the door i call mine. but i didn't actually think the image would manifest. but when i creaked the door open, i found a fleet of glowing candles and a bottle of champagne embraced in ice cubes. he knows how to make me feel special…and if special means celebrating a day that no one else recognizes, then fine! i love you, chris!! i wish i could surprise you half as much as you surprise me. but no worries…you are getting a secret graduation celebration from my family and i in the very near future…we can't wait!!! i love you, me. xoxo


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