Business 101

The commencement of eight years and some odd months of stop and start education, has officially been recognized and i'm not sure what is next. The next step is obviously finding some sort of suitable employment. Suitable employment. A job. What is this? I suppose it is a means to an end – that end being a way to support yourself financially and securing a stable, somewhat comfortable life for yourself. At what expense though? I don't particularly want the run of the mill entry level job, for a corporation that has nothing to do with my course of study, interests and skill sets. I would ideally like to have more than a job, i would like to have a career. (i sound like those technical school ads that come on between soap operas) How does one mold one's sensibilities and talents into a career that is enjoyable and challenging? I don't know. There is no manual for this. I've been perusing the aisles of Borders and Barnes and Nobles over the past few weeks looking for small business management guides and start-up guides for entrepreneurs, but i don't really even know what information is of value to me without a basic commitment to a general business idea. I do know, that if i am allowed a preference, i would like to work for myself if at all possible. Having said that, i do know that 90% of all new businesses fail with in the first five years, so choosing a particular venture is of even more importance.

We have been talking as of late about our ideas, and we have been throwing a lot of words around like entertainment, culture, art, and hospitality, but have really failed to specifically pinpoint what it is we think would work for a business idea. Steph and i have just kind of been brainstorming and asking ourselves questions like, "what are we good at?" We have come up with atypical results. When you are talking about trying to open a business that will provide a service and sustain and survive the economic trends, i doubt that a coffee shop or an ice cream parlor will stand the test of time. So the question is this: what idea would be original, sensational, accessible to a broad consumer base, and recession proof?

Funeral parlors and real estate come to mind (haha), along with other sorts of necessities, but we want something dynamic, and interesting. So here we are, in need of an idea. We can see the big picture, but are uncertain of the first step. Steph and I are really fortunate when it comes to everything outside the idea itself. Steph will have a law degree soon, and has a penchant for creative writing, and i have an eye for trends, creative sensibilities, proficient in all web based marketing tools, and if i may say so myself, impeccable taste (haha). We both have a wealth of resources within our families…my dad has a little wine label that could be incorporated into many different business ideas, not to mention start-up capital (it's a tax write off haha). Katie could manage most business considering the LLC she has kept in order for years (KDArcres). Steph's dad (recently rated one of Columbus's top CFO's – congrats Randy) has a long history of dealing with all things finance, investing, managing…from taxes to real estate and choosing companies in which to invest, to consulting. Accordingly, Steph and her brothers both have a creepy, seemingly innate capacity for all things having to do with numbers and accounting. And Barb could singlehandedly make ANYONE feel welcome and appreciated. We also have that extra "it" factor…Gus's magnetic, spunky personality (haha…just kidding, but only kind of).

So, as ideas take shape we can't help but to think that we are sitting on a goldmine of opportunity and fun for both families – of course the rub being, an idea. Whatever it may be, we have players to handle all aspects of an organization, and therefore we think we could ultimately encompass a lot of different industries. Diversification is good, right? So, if anyone has any ideas they'd like to throw at us, we're more than happy to hear them. Basically, we work well together, and we know it. So why not incorporate that into our working lives as well? Blending work and play makes for the finest of existence. After all, you work the hardest and care the most when you are personally connected to your endeavors. And you can't get any more personal than in the family!

Love to all, Mr. and Mrs. Parks


2 thoughts on “Business 101

  1. says:

    nice article, Chris – well done & so true – trying to figure out the right thing is not easy, but I think it will be found – I know I often think about what could work for Steph and you & someday it will come to me, or you or Steph………or Gus – take care, Randy

  2. mrparks says:


    I suppose i could take some advice from John (Lennon) at this point…it will find me, and life will happen regardless of what i try to make of it. If it will be, it will be, i guess the trick is to try to enjoy the ride. (neurotic) I will. Thanks for your comment, we will get it figured out soon…

    Post Script: In the end, Gus will probably tell us the secret to life…and business…

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