A caveat of sorts…

in regards to my previous seemingly obligatory post about the Da Vinci Code, i wanted to stress (for some of my more sensitive readers) that i am certainly not trying to bash Christianity, nor am i endorsing Mr. Brown’s novel as fact; i am merely reacting to the common tendency of most Christians i know, to absolutely reject other modes of thought, and stern refusal to question. I feel that at this point with everyone and their mothers are talking about this Da Vinci phenomenon, and that it is a good time to reassess what and why you believe what you believe, and to me, “because the Bible says so” is not a sufficient answer. The Bible is not a reliable source. Christians say Dan Brown is a writer with an agenda, aiming to crush Christianity and forge a new religion with his blasphemous claims and outlandish, and incorrect theories. Well, were not the writers of the New Testament (not to mention the members of the Nicaean Council) writers with an agenda as well? I suppose it is easy to see how everyone can get swept up in a sensational idea isn’t it? I think both of the books are a little far fetched.

I just want there to be more dialogue instead of propaganda, and less close-mindedness in believers. I think that it a perfect time to strengthen your beliefs, but this cannot be achieved through ignorance. Most Christians (and i’m grossly generalizing here…) will not even talk about alternatives answers to the mysteries of the world and creation. In reading other responses to all this hysteria, i have been non-plused with their logic. So i guess that it where i have a problem…the inability to have conversations with these people without an adverse, defensive, emotional reaction…

Propaganda: A specific message aimed at influencing the opinions of people rather than impartially providing information.

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2 thoughts on “A caveat of sorts…

  1. Mrs. Parks says:

    ellen and i were talking about the christian backlash to the da vinci code and we couldn’t make sense of it…the da vinci code is a work of fiction, and the fact that so many christians are so very angry, including church leaders, lends a tremendous amount of credibility to something holding itself out as fiction. informed beliefs are a result of careful research into multiple perspectives. why should religion be any different? you may best support your own beliefs only after understanding alternative approaches. when the answer to “why do you believe?” isn’t “because that’s what i was told” but rather, “because i kept an open mind and learned the alternatives, and found that this one works for me.” remember that as strongly as one might believe in the bible, someone else, growing up on another continent perhaps, will just as strongly believe in the koran. that doesn’t make either one wrong, it’s just two cultures’ explanations for something that we cannot certainly have an answer. religion is important because it gives people comfort by hypothesizing about the unknown. but not adhering to one narrow set of beliefs does not undermine the existence of god. i think that the vastness of the universe and the infiniteness of time lend far greater proof of a god than does any manmade texts. besides, a god who can create all of that probably isn’t too interested in developing rules about prayers and church-going and celibacy.

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