What haircut? What?

This is what i did to my hair….


This is what came off…


this is what Gus thought…



8 thoughts on “What haircut? What?

  1. Melanie Heilemann says:

    LOL What did you DO!?!?! You’re a freaking riot. Can’t hang out tomorrow, but definitely next week. 🙂

  2. BFortener@Gmail.com says:

    Did Randy give you his clippers???? Looks great, but it reminds of my Randy’s hair. I love the expression by Goose. Take care and see you soon.

  3. mrparks says:

    Hey thanks Barbie!!!

    Hopefully it will be grown out in two weeks…yeah it was kind of a Randy-like random impulsive decision, except there was no one there to pull the clippers away from my head!

    Can’t wait to see everyone…thanks a bunch!!!

  4. Steph/Parks says:

    oh sweetie, so so funny. you cut off a lot more than i thought! haha. i hope you are having a good time in temecula at the graduation, and that gooser is being a good boy. i miss you and can’t wait to see you!!!! ok, off to celebrate father’s day!!! love me

  5. mrparks says:

    love you thanks honey

  6. mrparks says:

    Randy said that he’s a huge fan of your new ‘do and maybe you can comparae clippers. He thinks you may have used a 2 (whatever that means!!). Anyway, we are just hanging outside by the pool, having a glass of wine, listening to John Lennon, and enjoying a beautiful Father’s Day Sunday. Oh, and I’m into a new Jack Reacher adventure…I LOVE YOU!

  7. mrparks says:

    Oops, that was Steph writing as Chris. Sorry for the confusion. This is Steph right now. I was signed on under you, Chris, to write that quick little note about Paul McCartney, and then it stayed under your name when I commented for Randy. I don’t know how to change it! If you can, that would be cool, but it doesn’t matter!!! Love you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    OK Chris – what number did you use – looks like a 2 to me but not sure – I think it is a good look! Gus also looks like he enjoyed the new look – I think he is jealous – Take Crae – Randy

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