Today Sir Paul McCartney turns 64. I will most certainly listen to "When I'm 64" sometime later today as a tribute. It's difficult to explain the influence that the Beatles have had on my life. Of course they have the most kick ass and dynamic songs…ranging from simple sing-along choruses to complex tape-looped, sitar-infused gems, but there is something far deeper about my love of the Beatles. Their music has been something that I share with my family. Initially my dad, then Andy, and then Flip…Barbie, too, but we have more of a Phil connection (haha). Some families love football, some go to church; but mine has the Beatles. I remember how excited my dad was when I chose to listen EXCLUSIVELY to the Beatles at age 12. Within a week, he bought me every Beatles "tape" and I would stay up late at night with my walkman, trying to understand what the Octupus's Garden was, or crying about how beautiful Let It Be was (is); appreciating how Eight Days A Week faded in and out, and marveling how John Lennon could HATE Run For Your Life. There are so many more memories, I cannot do them justice here. I remember when I went on the Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool – I took pictures at Penny Lane and walked across Abbey Road. I gave my dad a picture of myself in front of Strawberry Fields (which happens to be the most recent picture he has of me in his office). Something seemed off though – I should have made that trip, that pilgrimage with him, and with my family. Although some people may think it's just music, it's more to us. It opened up the doors to deeper relationships. I credit the Beatles as the initial common bond. Plus, there's nothing better than having a few drinks and chanting along to our favorite songs! I'm going to write something about Father's Day next, but I just wanted to wish Macca Happy Birthday – I hope it's the best one yet. You deserve it, and thank you for gracing this world with your music, your heart, and your vision of peace. We love you.

Chris – I don't know how to add pics into blogs, but will you add a sweet pic of McCartney tearing up the stage??? haha. I love you sweetheart, and Happy Father's Day to Gus's daddy!!!!! Love you.


2 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MACCA!!!

  1. mrparks says:

    yeah, still rockin it at 64!!!! I’m gonna listen to that song too! Paul rocks, when i saw him i couldn’t believe what i was seeing…a legend…and somehow, i felt like i was admited into a little club, and finally got it…yay.

  2. Steph/parks says:

    honey, you picked the exact picture of paul that i wanted you to pick!!! purrrr-fect. in that quick little paragraph, i forgot to mention how fabulous all of paul’s latest endeavors have been. most recently, chaos and creation. i am a HUGE fan of chaos and creation in the backyard. listening to the cd in its entirety, paul effortlessly blends each decade of his life into a delicious mix peppered with sounds of his beatles days and a nod to his classical late-life training. even the lyrics weave a timeline; grade school days to present. seeing him perform live is unmatched. plus it’s pretty cool that nigel godrich produced – he’s worked with the likes of radiohead, beck, and travis. amen, sir paul!!! i can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

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