happy father’s day, poppy! the coolest thing about today is the fact that it truly was like any other day…which means that all of us are lucky enough to hang out all of the time anyway, so we get to have the fun all year that other people reserve for one little day! i can’t properly explain how much my dad means to me. he was born to be a father, and not once has he failed to live up to that role. i told chris that earlier today. i said that my dad was born to be a father, and chris said that i was born so that he could be a father. i like how that works out. i like to think that somehow my presence has helped my dad realize some wonderful parts of his personality that he otherwise may not have fully discovered.

but i’m getting distracted and taking too much credit for the wonderful man that my father is. i was spoiled young – i grew up thinking that the world was filled with people who are kind, who are honest and thoughtful and self-deprecating. to this day, i give people the benefit of the doubt. it most certainly may burn me, but i don’t want to give up that belief that people are mostly alright. that’s the way i was raised, though. i never had a reason to doubt people; i never had a reason to be cynical or angry or bitter. i have my parents to thank for giving me that positive perspective of the world.

i’ve never come across a man with as much integrity as my father. to watch him interact with people, and to see the way people naturally react to him, has taught me a lot about the way to deal with people. he treats people fairly. he’s repsctful and logical and articulate and intelligent. he’s magnetic, really. i’ve seen it, and it’s impressive. but i never knew that growing up. all i knew was that my dad was around to do the sesame street voices, to play horsey, and to give me sparklers every summer night when i was a little girl. it didn’t matter to me then that he had all these other impressive credits to his name. what mattered was that he was my playmate, and that he was the guy who would let me put clips in his hair when i played beauty parlor, and that he smashed me between couch cushions into a “hedley sandwich.”

thanks, dad, for never making me question my abilities. sure, i’ve been uncertain of which direction to take, but i’ve never worried that i was headed down a dead end. i’ve always felt loved and special and appreciated. and that’s how i feel about you. you literally are responsible for me; for this happy and fun loving human, who is so grateful for all that you have done. thank you for my life and my happiness, for teaching me about the world – the minor details and the big stuff. i am the luckiest girl in the world. i proudly call you my dad, and i proudly call you my best friend. i love you.

LOve hedley


One thought on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

  1. Anonymous says:

    THe most beautiful thing I have ever read – I love you – Poppy

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