Interesting Post…

As you pass by, wait awhile then write about it (click here to read post) is a wonderful blog of thoughts and observations, stemming from all facets of life authored by a friend…this particular post was poignant, and well said.

The social and political conditioning that has created these inequalities is just beginning to adjust itself, but in my humble opinion, not fast enough – and quite possibly perverting the whole reason we started in the first place. What we want is equality, not a breakdown of diversity by inventing and adhering to a singular paradigm of how the world should work. We need to incorporate and accept all different ways of doing things instead of mere assimilation of ideas towards a generally accepted construct.  Change should be a bending of oneself; you change the nature of one who wants change instead of changing the thing. (there is my stupid existential contribution)

Yeah, it's a man's world but it sure doesn't have to be…let's quit walking around like a bunch of Medieval priests…


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