Goodbye, Hollywood

Hollywood, thank you for sucking so much.  It's the best thing you've ever done, which works out well, considering it's pretty much the only thing you can do.  At any rate, you sucked so bad this time that one of my good friends is through with you and moving back here!  I feel a sense of camraderie with people who have lived in that place, saw the superficiality, and got out.  It's a true test of character, considering America's obsession and fascination with being a part of the world of fame.  People generally attach far too great an importance to brushes with fame.  They are automatically impressed by anyone with a mailing address in Hollywood.  It's an embarassing cultural phenomonon – to have a nation reading US Weekly, memorizing the names of celebrities' offspring, yet unable to name the vice president or point to Iraq on a map.  What kind of value system do we have when we would rather pay $600 to reserve a table in a club just to SAY that we were there, rather than give $600 to starving children for immunizations?  Why do so many people drive $70,000 cars, but can't make $1000 in rent?  Please, help me figure this out, but who, who, WHO are we trying to impress?  I'm impressed with people who don't need a club to hang out.  I care about the people, and not the place.  I've had a million interesting conversations in parking lots and parking garages.  I'm quite serious.   Andrea and I talked once for 3 hours in a parking lot outside of a restaurant.  Becca and I spent dozens of late night hours sitting in a grocery store parking lot, talking.  Chris and I hung out in a parking lot after a restaurant closed, just talking, until 2 in the morning.  The point is, you don't need the "set" if you have great characters.  When I hang out with a friend, it's actually about hanging out.  I don't care where we go, or even IF we go.  As long as we can talk and share perspectives and observations about the world.  I am so incredibly interested in the people in my life that I can't wait to hear what they think, how they feel.  I'm really enjoying each day, the ride, and being around people who are enjoying it with me.  Once you realize what it's like to forget about impressing people with a false sense of self, you can start appreciating people in their entirety.  It feels so wonderful to have people who really, really know you.  It's safe and comforting and makes you feel like you've figured out this whole, complicated mess that you thought was life, and it's just really damn simple.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Hollywood

  1. Doug says:

    I wish it were only in Hollywood that people work so hard at image and impressing people rather than on doing the right thing. The world would be so much better if more people would jump off that cloud and pay attention to what really matters. But unfortunately, the corporate world is just as bad.

    Hang in there!

  2. mrparks says:

    yeah, it’s all about people making the place, not the place…well, plus a little alcohol…

  3. mrparks says:

    yeah, unfortunately the whole world is so caught up in the image that manifests itself in Hollywood, and 5th Avenue, NY….so sad…why can’t we all just be happy with what we are? Do we really want to be like Paris Hilton or any other of the socialites? I feel strongly about people being real and giving credit where credit is due, and the world just doesn’t see it that way…so iguess we are successful if we go to a lot of parties and our parents have millions, and we don’t even get mentioned if we win the Nobel Prize…

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