things are happening…

well, things are falling into place it seems, and i couldn’t feel more fine. We arrived in Columbus, Oh about two weeks ago and so far, things have been moving right along. Randy and Barb have taken me in to their house and things are as lively as ever. Andy and Flip are home, Barb is still playing tennis and Randy is still working out at 5:00 in the morning and occasionally wounds himself. Things just don’t change…Popcorn, Phad Thai, Gus barking at the mailman, the Reds seem to be playing three games a day, as the summer breeze blows and stirs up pollen for perhaps the last time this summer as we melt into fall…

So, we found this kick ass house basically. It is a four bedroom, four bath, 2800 square foot Victorian home located in (obviously) Victorian Village – a neat little suburb of downtown that is nestled right up against the Short North (the art epicenter) and the Arena District. It has tons of room! Andy is going to live with us and build his dream studio upstairs. Steph has another year with the freaks from 11th and High. Andy and I will be toiling away at our nonexistent careers, and spending every other waking moment watching the new big screen that we are currently taking measurements for.

Here is a map of the area

Running is happening for me now – like the outdoors now apparently, and i’m gonna buy an 80 lbs bag for stress management to hang in the basement. Sound weird? Suddenly i’m a boxer.

Randy has been very helpful with the job search as well and i would like to take my hat off to him…i have an interview with the marketing division of Cardinal Health this week – wish me luck…

Oh, i got a kick ass camera too…it’s a Sony SLR from me marrmy…check out the pics and let me know what you think…


One thought on “things are happening…

  1. wine says:

    Bad ass camera!

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