Chasing the invisible man…or job.

The world of corporate business and three-piece suits eludes me. This will be officially my fifth week looking for work. The post graduate world is somewhat misleading. I mean, i knew that they didn’t hand out jobs with your diploma or anything but, somewhere along the line, someone forget to tell the graduate something.

Misconception #1: It doesn’t matter what you major is.

This is total crap. It does. It matters a lot if you majored in 18th century literature, or basketweaving.

It seems the employer really doesn’t care. The discourse that takes place in that twenty minute interview really doesn’t mean anything to either party. The employer knows within seconds if you have what he/she needs, and it means nothing to you unless he/she is ready to hire you. I mean really, i don’t want to go in and throw around business terms and pretend to know what his company does – i don’t (and he knows it). I kind of just want to say, “hey, i don’t know anything because i don’t work here, but i can learn, and i’m here because i need money.” Maybe that kind of honesty could impress someone??! Probably not. We are all programed what to say and how to act, and that is pretty much how everyone conducts themselves in those precious twenty minutes in which you are supposed to present the employer with who you really are…that is a laugh. Not to be overly negative, but it is a struggle to maintain integrity, and focused career goals, without lying to yourself and the employer. Weird world isn’t it?


One thought on “Chasing the invisible man…or job.

  1. Dad says:

    keep your chin up. we love you. dad& katie

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