A Test of True Love

the walk started out like any other; gus darting around unpredictably, having no appreciation for the way that civilized dogs behave while on a walk, and chris and i crossing paths to untangle ourselves from the snared leash of his indecisive path. i think he becomes overwhelmed at the cacophony of scents in the air…and loses all ability to control himself. anyway, he stopped every few feet to further investigate a tree, a pile of leaves, a fire hydrant…the regular stuff. the occasional bird or squirrel elicited a lightening fast sprint until he reached the end of his leash (sorry buddy, we can’t keep up!). genoa-park-columbus-016-small.jpgfinally, he decides it’s time to poo…he assumes that position dogs always assume, looking over his shoulder at us. unfortunately, this time didn’t result in a clean break, if you know what i mean. for the THIRD time since we’ve moved to the new house, chris and i have had to perform a laborious act of love…cleaning gus’s bottom. poor guy, he can’t do it himself…but we need to cut back on the treats or something because it’s getting far too frequent for my likes. i can’t help but crack up at the pathetica expression on his face while we deal with soaping up his butt. haha, i guess it’s sort of worth it. we really love this dog.


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