The time is arriving…you really can’t stop that. So, i suppose it makes more sense to enjoy getting older rather than to dread it. I really want to avoid sounding like one of those whining “I’m almost thirty people.” So, thirty. Yeah, it is nice to just say it. I feel like that is a nice number.

My life has started a bit later than most, who typically go on their guided track of college in four years, then career, and then marriage, babies the whole nine…but i don’t mind. I have been able to sit on the fringes, perched and unobserved as i watched all the activity. It was as if i overturned a rock and all the bugs scattered, as i watched them flee and go about their business. I feel that i have had the good fortune to observe life before i was forced to make a decision about it, and about what i want out of it. Granted, i have made some surly mistakes, but not to my detriment. They only reinforced my singular mind and focus on what it is i really want out of life. So many are too busy doing, they fail to give the adequate thought. Of course, one could argue the other way too – like Hamlet my introspective tendencies render me action-less and therefore destined to fix my star to circumstance. Who knows?

Turning 28 tomorrow makes me think about all that has passed and most importantly, what is to come. My unorthodox path has given me perspective. I will trust that for now.

The details are fuzy, but big picture is in focus.


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