Nordstrom is looking pretty good…

Today i have to go and look for a job again.  The wonderful process of exerting maximum effort for little pay off.  I guess i’m not easily categorized or qualified for typical positions in the world.  You would think this is a good thing…makes me truly authentic right?  (or is that the nice way of saying i have no applicable skills??) Well, today i will just focus on this wine thing i have going…oh, yeah that is a later post.  If all else fails i might beg Nordstrom to hire me back.  Christmas pays really good there.  Boo HOO.

Have a nice day.

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2 thoughts on “Nordstrom is looking pretty good…

  1. very best idea make rules time!

  2. jahan says:

    nordstrom is the worst place to work for..nordstrom treat employee’s really bad..i worked for 4yrs there…i thought i was working in a boot camp..but i needed money…this current place that i have been working for.. to me nordstrom under pays..treat employee’s like their slaves…even if you are spending your money at nordstrom…nordstrom never sees their employees as they see customers..i meant especially management

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