An inkling tells me to get part time work…

Catching everyone up to speed, i had probably the greatest interview to date yesterday. The company is probably the best communications and brand/ad firm in the Midwest, and i think that i answered every question right. It was if i almost had a preternatural understanding – as if there were visceral, gut impulses guiding me through the thirty minutes of typically what i would call hell. I basically forgot about everything you are “supposed” to do in an interview and was able to relax and actually, for once talk to a human being instead of a programed suit.

The feeling i get is i’m hired. Well, contingent on a three or four month paid internship that will not open up until December – in which i will of course take – in fact beg for. I see a real future with this company.

In the meantime i have been looking for something a little with a little less responsibility. Keep you posted on that…

By the way, i hate Rush Limbaugh. I love MJFox. Rush, have a little compassion.

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