“behind every great man, there is a great woman.”

In response to the diva in me, i have no defense. Yes, it’s true, that a rather uninhibited side has exposed itself with much flamboyance and often absurdity, that Mrs Parks has the distinct pleasure of dealing with day in and day out. That brings me to my point. pleased.JPGShe can tell me when i’m being dramatic, or when i’m overreacting. She can give me sound advice in a moment of irrationality. She makes me believe that i’m capable of much more than i may have the courage for. She is the reason, she is the way, she is the truth. She basically is Jesus – my own personal savior – and the reason that i do anything is because she makes me believe i can, and my faith in her is what sustains me.

So, i suppose i am lucky that she views my irritating tendencies as somewhat humorous, and dismisses them as just quirks instead of faults. With her, there are no faults there are only qualities. So, i will not attempt to rebut her post with my own list of quirky behavior in an attempt to embarrass her, or level the playing field of love and laughter, instead i want credit her with all the patience and support that she so selflessly gives, rendering me confident and comfortable and able to leave the house each day. So i guess what i’m saying is, whatever i do in this life, do not pat me on the back, instead buy Mrs Parks some flowers or something, ok?


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