Did your vote count today?

A documentary on HBO that i have recently seen is very eyeopening to the process of modern vote counting, and the possibility of vote tampering in prior US elections. It is called Hacking Democracy appears on HBO a few times a week. Go to the HBO website for the schedule.

Considering that 80% of the votes in this country are counted by computers, are manufacturers of voting machines and vote counting machines completely unbiased and straight when making their software? How far does the scandal go? Throwing away signed polling tapes a few days after an election in Florida is just the tip of the vote tampering iceberg. Check it out…i think you will enjoy it.

You can also see it on youtube by searching the title Hacking Democracy. Or here is the URL for the entire series of videos that make up the full documentary: Hacking Democracy. Hope you enjoy this, i sure did.

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One thought on “Did your vote count today?

  1. Ron says:

    I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but I have heard about it. I’ll be tracking a copy down to watch it. I live in South Florida, so no matter what we do down here there is always some sort of problem with the votes – electronic or paper. So, this has always been a topic on the local talk radio programs and news casts.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were relatively few issues here for this election. It’s nice not to be the center of attention for once.

    I did go out and vote, but as has been the case in the last few elections (down here anyway) there hasn’t been any candidates to be really excited about. For me, it was the lesser of the evils.


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