I got a grown-up job today.

By Grown-up i mean something that requires you to use your brain, and your new employer banks on the fact that you are competent and able to do a job well. Funny thing is, on paper, i probably seem average in ability and smarts, maybe less than average. That’s ok- i mean i know that GPA and credentials don’t necessarily disqualify you or brand you as an incompetent, but it does make the job hunt more difficult. Most employers are not interested in gauging an applicant on the basis of a personal interaction (an interview). They take a brief look over your resume and cover letter, and then decide in those few seconds if they want something you have to offer. The resume is such a narrow slice of the overall ability of an applicant. So, if you are like me, and in the event that you get an interview, you really have to shine, or get lucky. I guess i did just that…because they gave it to me…darnds’t thing.

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One thought on “I got a grown-up job today.

  1. mrparks says:

    congratulations baby!! i am so so so so happy for you!!! what a great place for you to be.

    and a little note about how wonderful mr. parks is…
    he came home and gave me a dozen roses to celebrate that he got the job! what a generous, sweet, kind and loving person!!!!

    he deserves all the best!!! yay, sweetheart!!!!

    love, mrs. parks

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