There is S**T in the meat.

The Book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser is a book i haven’t read, but now that it has been optioned into a motion picture, i feel obligated to see it after what i read in Schlosser’s Rolling Stone article. The article traces the origins of the fast food meal, and its transformation into the now common American staple, that a majority of Americans eat on average four times a week.

McDonald’s, a big player in this dominant industry,  is looked at in detail from its conception to the monopoly it has become today, with its famous advertising symbols, the golden arches becoming more recognizable than the Christian Cross. Even more disturbing, the in detail description of the procedures, trends, and standards (and the failure to adhere to these standards) of the agricultural industry along with its meatpacking plants are enough to make me go vegetarian. The conditions are completely unacceptable, unregulated for the most part, and far far below what is considered industry standard. The short descriptions is reminiscent of SinClair’s The Jungle.

Basically there is shit in the meat. Not to mention a number of other vile and dangerous pathogens and bacteria such as E-Coli that go unchecked are shipped out to thousands of Fast Food joints nation wide. There are numerous concerns that go beyond the fast food counter that often go unchecked such as factory safety conditions, immigration, sanitation, worker abuse, other socio-economic issues that have repercussions far reaching into the American landscape. It is truly a small slice of the drive of greed and power in the American corporation psyche, and how the system that supports it, is the very system that is raped. Beyond general promotion of health concern, this is truly ugly.

I might even read the book…definately seeing the film. If you read the article it will make you simultaneously nauseated and furious, a condition that could induce projectile vomiting or death.

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One thought on “There is S**T in the meat.

  1. Ron says:

    As a small kid I remember how excited I got when Dad said we were going to go to McDonalds. It wasn’t part of the regular diet, it was something you only did on special occasions.

    Now, knowing what I do about fast food (and food processing in general), I cringe at the thought of what’s in the food. If I had a kid, I’d probably due everything in my power to make sure they didn’t know about fast food.


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