OSU-Michigan, The Black Keys, Andy’s Last Few Days, and Bryan the Hair God

this weekend is full of entertainment!!  today i went to a new spa called 1400.  bryan handled the situation that is my hair…and it’s awesome!!  i love love love it, and bryan is totally incredible.  i’ll have mr. parks post a picture (bryan ameliorated the shelf).  tonight we’re heading down to lifestyle pavillion (used to be called promowest – a much better name!) to see a kickass band called the black keys – they’re from akron and pretty cool.  we are going to celebrate this weekend because it’s andy’s last weekend before starting his new job!!  we’re so excited for him to start making some money!!!!

and finally….osu-michigan – this weekend is probably the most out of control weekend in columbus ever. (ever, ever).  sorry dan, but i think osu might kick michigan’s ass!!!  haha, just kidding, i don’t care THAT much…we just want to see the spectacle!!  wish you guys were in town for the game!

ok, so that’s about it.  gus is wearing his polo shirt.

oh yeah, i went to a chiropractor yesterday for the first time for my back – the last couple of weeks i’ve had awful lower back pain.  the chiropractor adjusted it and i feel SO much better!  really excited about that.  ok, have a great weekend everyone, and GO BUCKS!!!

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