Myspace, Beyonce, and the importance of your top twelve…

At the risk of sounding pathetic, the past weekend was a milestone in terms of social achievements.  The cultural phenomenon called Myspace is something i have always gone to great lengths to avoid, however this particular weekend it seems that all i could do was obsessively, and continually check my profile for new friends, comments, and messages. 

The three of us sat in our kitchen for hours logged on and hunched around the computer screen.  The impetus for this marathon of myspacing i suppose was a sad realization that our long absent friends must be doing the same thing.  Sure enough, at one point or another they were all signed on and leaving pithy and witty comments on their friend’s pages, and searching for new acquaintances to befriend as well.  When we finally did muster up the courage and motivation to go out, the people that we met that night sure enough were within the hour of returning home, a Myspace friend, and not only that -seated comfortably in our top twelve  lists.  So, with the new-found confidence we gained by being in public for three hours and interacting with the human race, we had to spend the rest of the weekend celebrating this triumph…

The remainderof the weekend was consumed by this celebration as well as Smokin Joe’s Pizza (which we referred to as taco mustaches )and downloading several horrific pop songs that we didn’t even know we liked.  We usually pride ourselves in our taste in music, but this weekend all we wanted to do was dance, so there you have it. 

My sister is coming out this Thursday – we are all really excited…

p.s. going to see a rock ballad light show tomorrow night! 

A little more from the dance party…Flickr

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