our furry neighbors

i just got back from a spin around the neighborhood with little gus, and i got to thinking about some very valued members of our nearby blocks…the dogs, of course!!  i’ve come to know them by their unique little faces, some adorably smushed, some long and elegant, some quirky, some boxy.  gus, in turn, has come to know them by their scents and their varying degrees of interest in stopping to playbow with his mohawk-terrier self.  today, as we walked through the brisk air (sadly, this is an improvement in temperature after the last few days), we didn’t see as many friends out to play as usual.  the walks are getting shorter and more urgent as the days become more characteristic of the midwestern winter, but we still saw their eager faces.  this time, however, the little eyes and beards and paws peeked out from each successive front door and window that we passed.  they have an innate ability that alerts them of our impending arrival, and they gallup excitedly, following us for the length of their houses; this time on the other side of the glass.  i love our neighborhood dogs! 

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