so bridget just left, and we are so so sad!  i’ve never known what it’s like to have a little sister; to have someone you want to show everything to…i just want her to be around all of the time.  it sort of makes me think about how great having kids will be, if being a big sister is this much fun.  i hope that one day, i have a daughter and she likes me (haha!) – i would want to show her everything that’s great – pedicures and apple cider and talking and makeup and massages – wow, i’m so excited!!! 

anyway, on to christmas.  first of all, i am officially 75% done with my exams (not that it has anything to do with christmas, but being done makes me enjoy christmas more!).  i had a three and a half hour real estate finance exam on thursday, right when bridget left, and a three hour employment discrimination exam yesterday.  initially, i thought that i should spend more time studying, but then i realized that spending time getting to know my bridget was WAAAAY more important (and more fun!).  you know what?  the exams i’ve had thus far have turned out just fine anyway.  and the time i had with bridget?  well, i’ll remember that forever.

and on to our christmas celebration…i love you, mom!!!  thank you, barbie, for buying us the most beautiful fake tree ever.  it looks so real!!!  my mom is incredible.  basically, i called her and told her about the trees we saw, and how we didn’t think that we should splurge on an expensive tree.  so what did she do?  well, she came over and took us shopping and bought us a tree that we will have for years and years.  we will always think of her when we take it out and decorate it.  she is so wonderful – so kind and selfless and giving.  i hope that i can be like her someday; i strive to be like her.

and then – chris and i had so much fun putting up christmas lights!!!  it was so cold, and we didn’t even notice becuase we were so interested in making the house look festive.  i had no idea that christmas lights and nails and ladders could bring so much joy.  it felt like our real first christmas, and i can’t wait for all of the next christmases.  i am so happy right now!!!  ok, this is one of those sappy blogs that chris probably thinks is unnecessary – so i’ll post it really quick, before he reads it, haha

bridget, come back soon, i love and miss you!!!!  and happy holidays everyone!!!!

Pics of it all here

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  1. Barb Fortener says:

    hey steph, what nice things you had to say about our day of shopping for your tree. i had a great time doing it and i want you guys to enjoy the tree for many years to come. you are a wonderful daughter and i’m lucky to have you in my life. i love you. merry christmas!!!!!

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