Yeah We Always Came Back, To The Song That We Were Singing…

at any particular time [flaming pie]…love you, paul mccartney!!!  i can’t believe that i have been so fortunate to see you live four times.  amazing (including the time that i saw paul with mr. parks).  unbelievable. 

ok…i actually wanted to write a tint bit about being finished with exams, and about christmas!

first of all – i am DONE with exams!!!  i am officially 5/6 done with law school and i can’t believe it.  it’s been such a tumultuous and unexpecting trip (“journey” – haha, poppy!).  accounting for lawyers sucked; big time.  it was a four hour exam, and i actually, truly, wrote 49 (FORTY-NINE!!!) pages for my answers.  i mean; what?!  who has that much to say about anything, really?  apparently i do – about accounting – and lawyers – and GAAP and the model code of professional responsibility, and tax timing differences, and net operating losses and extraordinary items, and even a newly formed LLC, funded in part by a Sub C that is publicy traded and must adhere to SEC disclosure statutes. 

why do i know this?  i’m not sure, really.  i’m not even sure that i know enough about it to advise anyone on what they should do about such subjects.  all i really know s that they exists – and you should watch out for them!  i cannot believe that my 86 year old professor is going to actually read and grade exams over his holiday break – and determine that some of our answers are right and some of them are wrong – he’s really old.  i do like him and respect him; i just think that he should have completely retired about 15 or 20 years ago.

but, this doesn’t matter all that much – i’m DONE!!!  like i said before – it’s finally sinking in.  i wrote a 40 page outline in two days; i memorized problems; i “tried” to read 96 pages of notes – and now it’s all over, thank god!!!  so, today i am off to do all of the christmas-y things that have been put on hold.  i somehow have to squish all of this into about 48 hours; all of my shopping (sorry anyone who gets presents late!!!), cooking, fixing up the house.  mr. parks and i have our work set out for us.  wonder why we haven’t started today already – i guess it’s just a bit overwhelming!

anyway, happy holidays and i’m sure we’ll write some more in the next couple of days, despite the crze.  love you all!!!

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One thought on “Yeah We Always Came Back, To The Song That We Were Singing…

  1. Ron says:

    Wow!!! Congrat’s on all of the hard work. Enjoy the holidays. Hope you guys have a safe and happy holiday.


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