A page a day, a day at a time…

Time management hasn’t been my strong suit. With that said, I still resolve to chip away at small goals that i have made for myself, whilst often being disappointed with the amount of time that i am actually able to free up for these activities… i try and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We all wish that there was more time to do the things we love – of course we do. Just because we all share this lament doesn’t necessarily condemn us to accept it. So many times, i hear the old adage “life isn’t fair” when what people really should be saying is “stop bitching” and just go do whatever it is you are moaning about, or at least try. So many times i have wished for a benefactor to swoop in and fund my most creative and bold pursuits, taking away the burden of distractions – for what is out of my grasps when i have the time to put all of my energy and soul in to a project? There would be endless possibilities. So, i suppose what i am getting at is that the hardest part about life is the juggling act. Keeping three or four things in the air at the same time without dropping one. Balance. It seems the hardest thing to achieve at this juncture.

Simple things like working out four times a week or finding time to go shoot become enormous obstacles in the wake of poor time management. So, i have resigned myself to doing three or four things that are important to me daily- no matter what – in order to foster and establish the tools for a good foundation for some future goals.

One of many goals i have designated for myself is authoring a work. Mrs. parks and i would like to co-author a book someday. This has been frustrating for us for the reason that when we envision writers, we see someone in a bathrobe slaving away all day at a type-writer with cup of coffee and a cigarette. This sounds appealing to us in a romantic, seductive sort of way, but that isn’t quite realistic, is it? It is the romanticized idea of a writer that we have conjured from movies or other books or what have you…The truth is we have to make time for it inbetween everything else. We really have to take it a day at a time, writing at least a page a day. Days when we are tired from work, and want nothing more to sit in front of the TV we have to muster up the discipline to write that page. This speaks about any and all goals we have. If we can’t be disciplined enough to balance our time more efficiently, we will never be able to finish any side projects. It has to be important. Otherwise all we will end up with is a pension and a gold watch after thirty years, and who wants that? Things are never permanent unless you want them that way. If you lack the discipline to change your life than it will undoubtedly stay the same. The time is precious that we have, and the is no sense in whining about what we wish were different – change it. You’ll find, surprisingly so, that so many of the things you want to change so desperately, end up changing you in the end, and quite often sneak back into your life in some weird cosmic way later on. Take things as they come, confront them head on and then move on to the next, a page at a time…

actually, this is a copy of the email i sent to myself…too ambitous? Not for some…

Look up and find out how to get short stories published.
(write a page a day)

Find instruction on how to take better photos.
(weekends go shoot)

Find out how to start an online company.
(any spare time)

Build my work out bench.

(3 times a week at least)


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One thought on “A page a day, a day at a time…

  1. Ron says:

    Here’s my contribution to your list (and also a plug for a co-worker of mine). http://www.martinbaileyphotography.com/

    Martin Bailey is an Englishman that works in our Tokyo office. I’ve known him for a number of years now; quite a good guy. He runs a website that provides photo tips, tricks, guidance, etc.

    He also started doing podcasts about a year or so ago that cover various topics. Lots of good info (in my opinion). When I’m working on something that doesn’t require a lot of brain cells I play some of the podcasts in the background.

    He also recently set up a members gallery (no charge) for members to post their photo for feedback. It’s a good group.

    I don’t get out there as often as I would like (damn day job), but I have always found the info and people out there helpful.

    Check it out. Also there is FredMiranda.com and Dpreview.com.


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