Follow up on wild animal (dre dre)

Yeah, I never really like to talk about politics because I never really respond well to the rhetorical distraction from the core issue …I was sitting writing this somewhat inarticulately, thinking my argument comes off emotional or histrionic and melodramatic. I apoligize for the incoherent babbling -that’s just what happens when i attempt to formulate my opinions about politics…and of course the standard response is “the world doesn’t work that way, or the world is too complicated!” Well, that’s exactly my point – why can’t it be simple? I know how it works, i just don’t agree with it. Why can’t there be a renaissance in humanistic ethics and values?

The simple point is this: has anything the government done (i.e. War in Iraq, etc…) made our lives any better? Or anyone else’s?

Seems that the only news is bad new these days…but that is my sappy little idealistic, hippy two cents worth. The truth is I don’t want any part of it – and hate to discuss it. Of course there is a small part of me that says, ignoring it makes me guilty of perpetuating the problem. Let’s all sit down-that’s how they got shit done in the 60’s haha…

p.s. i agree – law school seems to be a microcosm of this ridiculous situation…

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