Help, need online portfolio, but i’m poor…

I have been searching for quite some time,  for either a service or free site that can serve as an online portfolio for all the photos that i don’t want displayed on Flickr.  I am looking for a professional looking site that displays my best photographs in a lightbox sort of way, arranged by portfolio, galleries, or shoots.  (Something with watermark or copyright capabilities, maybe??)   However, i don’t really have 300.00 to throw down on some of the advertised online portfolio sites, but i do want it to look as professional as possible. 

I would like to integrate flash, and e-commerce if possible but i know that is hard to come by without paying big bucks.  So, if anyone knows of a site or service – or even some method to create a portfolio through photoshop or something…then i could just pay for the host???  I think there is a way to make photo gallerys on CS2…but i still want all the functionality of a website…help??

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One thought on “Help, need online portfolio, but i’m poor…

  1. Harry says:

    I run a free online portfolio website

    It doesnt support flash though (at the moment). You can put 7 images up for free initially, then you earn more just by being active on the site.

    Even if its not your style of site, it could generate some extra views of your work as it gets a lot of visitors from artists and people looking for artists/designers/photographers etc.

    Maybe see you on there!

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