an uncomfortable law school sandwich

after “successfully” completing the second week of my last semester of school, my best friend from that place and i decided to catch up over happy hour at the happy greek, a little restaurant a couple of blocks from school that boasts the best hummus i’ve ever had. anyway, we settled in and started discussing anything and everything. when we fall into the familiar pattern of deep analysis of both the major and the mundane, time slips away without our consciousness that the ruthlessly steadfast clock continues to tick, tick, tick forward. anyway, we were in the midst of such conversation, when four people in our age range filed in. they were all dressed in stiff suits, tossing boring cliches to and fro…they were seated next to us. we glanced over and realized that these four stuffy-beyond-their-years people were students and alums of our school. that certainly throws a wrench into our previously unabridged, stream of consciousness discussion. just minutes after the arrival of the squares, we were flanked by a professor and his family. at this point, we became physically affected by the presences of people we should only be subjected to during class hours. things got tight and the room was closing in. sure, this sounds like an exaggeration, but it was quite obvious that all of the intruding parties were more interested in what we were talking about than their own, live, conversations. i hate being on display. it feels like people reading over my shoulder, and i can’t stand that.

anyway, we were thankfully almost finished with our hummus, so we could gracefully bow out without it seeming that the reason we prematurely departed was because of their presence. we actually had planned on hanging out there for a while, perhaps even ordering another round or two of hummus! but, abort mission.

it’s strange, when you are able to go through much of a day acting the part in a personal life drama. but then the curtain closes and it’s time to be the person you are before makeup and costume. that is the mindset i was in, and i wasn’t about to put on an impromptu performance on my own time. so, dre and i said our polite goodbyes and headed to the next restaurant, for a drink and another round of hummus…sure, the hummus usually doesn’t match up to the happy greek, but this time i found it to taste deliciously unrestricted!


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