dre makes law school better.

you’d think that being in class for the better part of 7 hours straight would be pretty miserable – and it would be, under normal circumstances. but i am one lucky person and i get to observe all of the circular discussions, sitcom-worthy characters (students) and awkward moments with one the best friends i will ever have, andrea. school actually transforms into an undiscovered, unmined, rich comedic goldmine. i have never laughed as much as i laugh at law school – and dre is the only reason that i get to laugh that much. you know that old cliche, “if a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?” – well, i can completely relate to that – “if dre isn’t at law school, did it ever even happen?” and, “if dre wasn’t at school today, did anything funny happen?” she is the one person who makes it not only tolerable, but fun. if she’s not there, i don’t understand it. i think that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you need someone who is not only in your corner, but IS your corner – and you should be theirs. that is what makes any experience in life valuable. if you can’t share the way you interpret or deal with a situation (even if that interpretation is a bit wack), then it’s almost as if it hasn’t even happened…




dre, thanks for making an otherwise surreal part of my life very real…and very laughable!!!




and my wonderful mr. parks, you have also grounded me to a beautiful life since i’ve known you, and i thank you for that!!!

ok – i could pretty much ramble about anything right now – including the snoring masterpiece next to me, little gus – as an update, he is doing wonderfully and is scheduled to get his stitches out in another week. he’s still wearing the lampshade, but he potentially could be done with that tomorrow. unfortunately, i’m leaving the little guy *alone* this weekend – of course he won’t really be alone, seeing as he’ll be completely spoiled by his daddy, but i will be in florida with my mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and aunt. i am really excited to go, and i hope that my grandparents epecially have a really memorable time. i haven’t been this excited for anything in a while, and i can’t wait to hear a million stories and take a million pictures. there is nothing more important than the people you love – and my top priority is to spend as much time as possible with those people who make my life worth living – what else is there, really? whoever remembers spending 16 hours a day in an office for 15 years? in that time, what you would probably remember is the week you spent on vacation with your family every year. yeah, there will be successes and disappointments at work, and it’s important to provide your family with a decent quality of life, but when it all shakes out – it’s the moments AWAY from work that stick with you. that makes me think that even though we should commit to a career and work hard, we should also maxamize the time we have away from it. that’s where you develop your hobbies, your family traditions, those special conversations that develop as a function of familiarity – familiarity that only appears when there is the time put in to establish it.




i’m getting long winded and jumping topics – i apologize. on one hand, i want to post these stream-of-conscious thoughts, rather them leave them for my own personal viewing (which is incredibly rare!), but on the other, i want to only post things that i feel are ready to be posted – not that there are working drafts or anything, but maybe i should only write a blog when there is a specific topic i want to write about – rather than this diary-type stuff. i don’t know – would that make it more valuable? but then, who is measuring the value other than me? if i want to say it, i should say it – that’s what this whole medium is about, right?




to get back to the root of this blog – thank you, dre for being awesome!!! i love you!!!


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