It truley is the TYRA BANKS show

The Tyra Banks show is actually one of my favorite shows – not because of its quality as a talk show, but rather lack of. She never fails to gloat and prate and talk about herself endlessly through the hour, and almost always says something so idiotic and irrational, that i think that it can’t possibly be topped…but she always proves me wrong as in this video below. Who gave this woman a talk show? She shouldn’t be allowed to think. She parades around thinking that she is a contributing women’s rights advocate, when all she really is is a spectacle. Thank God for that though, she has provided me with many nights of entertaining television…

here are some other great videos of the Tyra show

Vasoline and other stuff

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2 thoughts on “It truley is the TYRA BANKS show

  1. Gecko Rock says:

    That was painful to watch.

  2. R6pilot says:

    I have had the misfortune to see some of the Tyra Banks show. My friend leaves the TV on that channel for her dogs, and I stop by each day before lunch to take them out and feed them. I love those dogs, and I thank merciful God that they cannot understand English. Tyra and everyone attached to her show are the prototypical liberal, clueless idiots. Every show hammers on the same theme that is near and dear to the heart of every true liberal: if you have a problem or something is not going your way in life, it is someone or something else’s fault and by God we’re going to find out who/what we can blame. Since reality completely contradicts this theory, Tyra and her lackeys are always conjuring up some pseudo-staged video “expose” that appears to support the guest’s “victimization”. Never, and I mean NEVER – will you hear even the slightest suggestion that the “victim” has only herself to blame for her problems, which is of course the absolute truth in 99.99% (or so) of all cases.

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