superbowl charlotte

well, here i am at the charlotte airport, waiting to get on my plane. i have so much on my mind right now that i want to write about (and talk about), but i don’t feel equipped to do it all right now. mainly what i want to say, is that this past weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. i laughed nonstop, heard stories about my family that i had never heard before, and learned quite a bit about myself in the process – i now understand even more clearly why i am the way that i am because of my grandparents and my aunt. i feel as if i’m boasting, to profess that i have a likeness to them – because they are all so wonderful, and if i’m anything like them – well, i’d be saying that i’m wonderful, too. hell, you know what? they are wonderful, and i’m wonderful, haha. i think that i’m the only one in this airport bar/restaurant who isn’t paying any attention to the t.v. monitors. there’s quite a crowd gathering – i guess for a lot of people, this is like the reds going to the world series!!

anyway, all i want to say right now is that family and the people you love (family or otherwise!) are everything. there is nothing more important than them, and i am so happy to have gotten a great dose of the people i love this whole weekend. i’ll write more eloquently later, but for now, go colts? go bears? whatever! i’m going to GO HOME!!!


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