yeah, i know i’m not leaving for another five weeks, but andrea and i booked our flights for our last law school spring break. this will be the third one that we’ve spent together, and they keep getting more and more fun!!! i can’t help but daydream about spring break – right now we’re battling sub-zero weather and i’m coming up empty when i try to come up with reasons to stay here – at least for the long term! i’m so tired of the cold. i’m tired of wearing scarves because i have to, and not because i think it looks good. the only shoes i can wear outside are old boots since i don’t want to ruin all of my other, cuter shoes. basically, in the words of my grandma, “this sucks.”

at least we are getting away in march. andrea and i are flying down to naples – she’ll be there for almost a week, and i’ll be there for a week and a half – just long enough to forget about the war waging up north between the elements and me. we’ll have long, lazy days at the beach, yummy food, and best of all, endless hours to sit and talk and talk and talk. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

anyway, stay warm everyone who unfortunately lives up north. you know, real estate is booming down in naples…i’m just saying…


3 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK THE THIRD!!!

  1. andrea says:

    I can’t wait!! Really really can’t wait!!!!!!! SUN, SUN, SUN!! Love ya, can’t wait for round 3! Tell your mama I’m super excited. A la la, a go go south. a thank you, lama!

  2. andrea says:

    yo yo! just tried to write, but i don’t think it posted. can’t can’t can’t WAIT for round 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for SUN SUN SUN!! when we are walking around in florida, we have to think of a few days ago when we had to break apart from each other walking across the freezing, snowing, winter tundra. wow, flip flops! tell your mama i’m super super excited!! can’t wait, love you!! a la la! a go go a south, a thank you!

  3. andrea says:

    oh, right. the first one did post. so here is a third comment in honor of 3 rounds! hey lamarama, i have a question for you? what happened to babys mama? no really. what happened?
    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Chreeeeeease! I heard you enjoy the hummus now. that makes the sense. not liking it did not make the sense. Miss you!!! See you this weekend!

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