Winter Update

Wiber Ave.

The snow is really coming down hard here in the Midwest – of course i’m not complaining because i got the day off work. It is likely to continue throughout Wednesday night, so there is no telling what the status will be like then. It is completely debilitating – no one can do anything really…certainly not drive. For now, we are just curled up in our house by the space heater, watching South Park and Arrested Development reruns and hoping for another massive dumping. We may hike up to the video store a little later (if they are even open) and grab some movies and cherry coke zero. Anyway, here are some images of our street and neighborhood just so you can get an idea of how crippling these storms can be. Oh, so i guess they are dubbing this the “Valentine’s Day Storm?”

Oh dad, thanks for the wine…

P.S. the breathing association gala was a smash – we’ll tell ya’ll about that later but for now here is the link to the pics

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2 thoughts on “Winter Update

  1. phillip says:

    i tried to put a picture in the above comment but it didn’t work. anyway, take a look at this picture and tell me if the guy in the short guy in the middle looks familiar

    do you know who it is?? it’s george bellamy… matt bellamy’s father, haha i found it kind of funny. alright talk to you guys later!

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