Give us two years…

Another piece of the off the hook puzzle – we need to move to an area where western culture doesn’t permeate as deeply as it does in middle America.  A place that has a island vibe.  We tend to gravitate towards places where a lot of retirees tend to end up, like Palm Springs, and Aspen…but the most promising locale that we have found thus far is a little jewel about 90 miles NW of Miami, Fl and about two hours by boat from Key West called Marco Island.  marco-island.jpgMrs. Park’s parents just bought a place there about two years back.  The majority of the population is older than 55, but i have always felt at that age, you are wise enough to weed out all the bullshit in life, and you just tend to end up in places like that – where life is slow, the days are long, and weather is fantastic.  The world as we know it seems to melt away in places like that.  I suppose we feel a sort of affinity with the old folks…i always have thought of myself as an old soul anyway.  I never really got pop music, or clubbing, and found it difficult to mesh with the trends and ideas of my particular demographic.  Anyway…this place is about as close to the Caribbean as you can get without actually going there.  Naples is  just north of Marco and is a little more fast paced and  should i say – hipper.  There are actually a lot of great restaurants and bars in the area, and shopping.  Marco has some great joints too – a lot of really laid back dives and local secrets that would surprise the most discerning food critic.  White sand and sunsets that rivil that of Tuscany – Marco is the American Paridise as far as i’m concerned.  Just give us 2 years…we’ll get there… Where is this wonderful place?  Here are a few maps for ya….


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