Columbus Bloggers Unite (please?)

i stumbled upon this local blogger the other day at work and realized that this is a great city we live in, and that people across the US just don’t know enough about it. I was reading and found the evans walker effect, which has various sorts of reviews on restaurants, local bars, and nightlife etc, etc…and i thought that Columbus based bloggers should all link up to bring more exposure to the city and its culture. So, here is my starting effort…

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6 thoughts on “Columbus Bloggers Unite (please?)

  1. walkerevans says:

    Hey, thanks for the link! 😉 I’ve been a little lazy on my personal blog lately because I spend so much time writing things for the Columbus Underground website.

    I agree that something should be done about the state of blogging in Columbus. I’m working on a small project called ColumBlogs that sort of addresses this. It’s just a concept right now though…

    If you’ve got some idea though, I’d love to collaborate. Send me an email! I can’t find an email link for you on here anywhere!

    walker evans

  2. mrparks says:

    yeah, i would love to create some kind of culture here…just not so sure how. i am an amateur photographer, and consistent blogger. i am totally looking for opportunities to start some sort of Columbus blogger community…so we can share info, and capitalize on the unprecedented growth that C-Bus is experiencing. I really want to get involved in any capacity possible…i’ll think of something – i promise. until then, take care and happy blogging…

    P.s.what company do you work for? I work for Ologie….

    mr parks…

  3. mrparks says:

    P.s. my photography is at:

    and my black and white is at:

    sorry can’t link in this forum…

    mr parks…

  4. mrparks says:

    oh, yes you can – shit didn’t know…

  5. I agree that Columbus, for being a city with a pretty large youngish population, lacks for a good blogging community. So cheers for your efforts. I think some things have been done in the past but I like Walker’s Idea of the Columblogs site. I hope it’s a success. Maybe we should have some sort of event. Which I won’t be able to attend because I work in the evenings. Or are we too creepy from spending all of our time alone with the computer. . .

  6. militantcyclist says:

    Im a blogger in columbus…for now. Also im an artist and an avid cyclist, I have lived all over the world (and in southern california too, in orange and del mar), and i do love columbus. Im going to add you to my links, have a look at my site and if inclined add me back. Cheers,

    The Militant Cyclist

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