overcome yourself, not obstacles…

For quite some time now, I have told my self that there are no easy avenues in life – you simply cannot go around having wished granted, and things falling into your lap. Life is hard. It takes guts sweat and blood to achieve anything great in this life…or maybe not. Maybe it takes something else…

The old adages such as “if it is too good to be true than it probably is” or “nothing in life that is worth anything is easy” – these are good maxims to go by – I could agree with this to some extent. There are a lot of things in life, that if obtained without some sort of sacrifice, or hustle on your part, then you may have less respect for that which you have just received. I also agree on a certain level, that benefits that you may reap by chance, or “luck” may also be a very dangerous thing, because it didn’t take any discipline to obtain it. This is not bad advice. However, I am starting to think that these ideas are primarily, western indoctrinated philosophies or psychologies, that are starting to become outdated, and may soon be a farce if you want them to be…
I am not undermining the virtue of hard work here, but I am saying that perhaps instead of swimming up stream, there is a more efficient means of achieving all that you have ever desired. A more dynamic, matter-of-course method of harmonizing with the circumstances of your world instead of fighting them… I will tell you why…

Fundamentally, we all know that the earth is round, and it revolves around the sun. This was not always so. The world believed at one point that the earth indeed was flat and that the universe was a geocentric one. We all once believed in the Easter Bunny until we discovered otherwise. The point I am trying to make is that these ideas that we have established, are sometimes bound by our capacity to conjure or describe them. Laws and absolutes comfort us – it lets us know where we stand – a standard. Infinite possibilities scare us. The idea that there is so much out there that we do not know or even have the intellect to process, makes some people very uneasy – and of course there are others who don’t care one way or the other…to get back to my point (which I haven’t made yet
) without taking too much of a stream of consciousness detour is that I have been thinking seriously as of late about the power you have within yourself to discover things and even to change things – your reality, anything… be it physical things, conceptual things, defying physical laws of nature…or maybe just bending them by coming to a new understanding of your place in all of universe. I think that self deprecation is overrated. You don’t have to be tough on yourself anymore. There is nothing noble about suffering for any sort of plight or cause or goal anymore. The new era is coming where this kind of zeitgeist is outdated and archaic. Why? I will tell you in my next post…stay posted…(don’t you hate that?) I have to get the answer to two more questions…

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