Jackson might have a home…

There is this college girl that seems nice enough, and although at bit young, i think she will provide Jackson the kind of home he needs… If you guys are not up to speed, we are fostering a pup because he needs a loving home. Mrs. Parks (an i have developed a soft spot for sheltered dogs) is really committed to helping dogs find suitable homes, where they will receive the same kind of love that we give Gus Parks everyday. (who is gus parks?  go to the link to the left ) jackson.JPGThey are so helpless and dependent on humans to give them the proper care, and if we turn a blind eye to this kind of epidemic it just isn’t right. i feel that is the responsibility of every competent human being to help those that are less fortunate or of less intelligence – those that cannot care for themselves. we do what we can on a limited budget, but we feel that any effort we make is a step closer in a collaborative push to help these domesticated, loyal animals live a fulfilling life. Please, if you care…show it. Visit the humane society and see what you can do today. We do what we can on a limited budget, but please, if you have the means to do more…help them…they have no one else…

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