I might kill Jackson.

Wow. The only thing that keeps me from murdering this dog is that i lack the energy because i am so preoccupied with walking him, taking things away from him that he thinks make a good snack, scolding him and breaking he and Gus up, cleaning up his pee and poop, continuously washing the floors, telling him no, and shutting doors behind me constantly to make sure he doesn’t have access to rooms with carpet. I’m exhausted. I think the dog pound is better equip to deal with this – i mean that is their business…dealing with piss and shit day in and day out. He probably would get more exposure there as well. The college girl that said she would take him on Tuesday never called back – she is going to have a fun message on her voice-mail later today…i might burn her house down, i haven’t decided. I can’t focus for longer than ten minutes at a time without attending to his many, many needs, or telling him that he is a bad dog. Gotta do something about it…i have discovered in my attempt to help i may have hindered his speedy delivery to a welcoming home.

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