i always thought that i was good at math…

wow, it’s 1:00 in the morning and i can’t sleep.  you know why?  because i just realized that i gave a subpar tip to a wonderful hair stylist.  i cannot sleep because i messed up my math and thought that i was giving between 20 and 25%, but instead it was barely over 10%.  oh my god, i am so embarrassed i can hardly stand myself right now.  i already set my alarm to get there early and fix this mistake, but i really don’t think that i’ll be able to sleep until gary and star know that i’m not a bad tipper.

being a good tipper is one of the most important characteristics that one can have.  so many industries rely on a service capacity.  in fact, it is so ingrained into our society, that many employees in the service industry make very small hourly rates because a tip is so societally expected – after all, it makes up most of their income.  that is why i feel so awful right now.  i CANNOT believe that i actually left a bad tip.  i don’t think that i have ever left a bad tip before in my life – well; maybe once at a vegetarian diner in newport beach -but that actually deserved it (and i still felt bad).  if a server is bad but apologetic, his or her tip increases exponentially.  there is something so human in making mistakes and admitting it.  i think that characteristic may in fact trump being a good tipper (though barely).

oh my god, a too-low tip is the worst; especially when i really thought that gary was absolutely amazing.  oh my god, this is such a bad feeling.  damn my messed up math skills.  i was just having too much fun talking to people in the salon.  i am going to fix this first thing in the a.m. and i will fill you in on what transpires.  god i can’t wait to go to the atm.

goodnight, all!


One thought on “i always thought that i was good at math…

  1. Lacey says:

    I need to know, what happened?! Did you return to the salon??

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