the gary follow-up

so, after a night of restless, on and off sleep, i finally brought an end to my nightmarish experience. that’s right; i finally have absolved myself of the guilt associated with an accidental bad tip. i had a few nightmares, and then i was awake and able to take action. i went to the salon about an hour after it opened, and explained how incredibly sorry and embarrassed that i was to leave a horrid tip. i even called gary’s work voicemail last night after midnight to try and fix things.

i love gary, though, becuase he has a preternatural ability to read people. and i hope that he understands that i messed up; big time; but i will always be a phenomenal customer from here on out.

by the way, for those of you who are interested, gary was AMAZING when i approached him and told him the story. he just loves those “happily ever after” stories, and i love them too!!

goodnight all!!


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