We’re Engaged!!!

i had the absolute best night of my life last night. i can hardly believe it, but we’re engaged! i’m engaged to the most handsome, smart, fun man in the entire world! and it was such a surprise. we walked to the restaurant where we had our first date; the burgandy room; and mr. parks instantly walked authoritatively towards a table that he had already reserved. rose petals were scattered all over, and a bottle of champagne was chilling on the table. i still somehow thought that it was merely a graduation celebration. he’s not so good at keeping secrets, so he told me right away that i had another surprise later in the night…but i forgot about it because of the awesome food and champagne and wine!!!

anyway, at the end of dinner he pulled out a gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him!!! he then had a limo outside, waiting to drive us around and celebrate!!! the funniest part was, he tried to put the ring in his boxer shorts during our walk to the restaurant. then he got weird and said that he had to stop and go to the bathroom. i made fun of him and suggested that he might need to get his bladder checked out, haha! really, he was readjusting the ring, and stowed it in his sock instead of the boxer short thing. later, it all came together, but before i knew what it was leading up to, i thought that he was just a crazy, paranoid weirdo!

i am so so so so happy! i can hardly contain myself!!! we are going to have the most fun wedding ever, and i think it’s going to be big, big, big! i never knew that i would be the type of person to have a big wedding, but we love a lot of people!!!

more to follow, just wanted to update you all about the best night of our lives thus far!!! Here are all the pics of the night

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3 thoughts on “We’re Engaged!!!

  1. Melanie Mann says:

    OMG!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m SOOOO happy for you guys, of COURSE we’ll come to the wedding!! We’ll keep you posted on ours, right now we’re looking to get married in Oahu – on the beach, with a luau for the reception!! You HAVE to be there! Oh, I miss my BEAUTIFUL friends, let’s definitely catch up some time!!! When r u gonna be in SoCal? *hugs & kisses*

  2. mrparks says:

    Hey thanks Mel! Let us know what is happening!!!! Hawaii!! Pretty!

  3. Ron says:

    Congratulations… Just celebrated my 2nd anniversary… Enjoy your engagement time; it’s a wonderful thing…


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