Lace and EJ and other stuff!

wow, last night and today were so, so much fun. it doesn’t seem like yesterday would have been fun – after all, my brother and i were supposed to go to our cousin’s high school graduation party, but we accidentally drove in the entirely wrong direction. it’s not our fault – our dad mentioned 70 East, and we were supposed to go 70 West. although we’ve been there several times previously, we are simply not confident enough in our directional capabilities to question anything anyone ever tells us. yep, we’re that bad. so, basically, my brother and i drove nearly 70 miles in the wrong direction. we turned around, and finally made it home. we accomplished absolutely nothing.

at least we had fun hanging out with friends last night. and goose is happy to be home. i do wish, however, that we would have made it to the family gathering – i guess another one is in store in a couple of weeks. at that point, i will be working – weird, a functioning member of society or something. i love my fiance. he is so handsome and wonderful. i am saying dumb things – i just love him, and i love our friends and i love everything! i also love e.j.’s canyon cafe. jenny from zanesville kicks ass. and lacey lace is probably the coolest girl ever. she totally understands tyra humor and all things reality t.v. she is going to be thelead documentary person at our wedding! oh yeah, we love you mom!


2 thoughts on “Lace and EJ and other stuff!

  1. Lacey says:

    yaaay! I made the blog…best day ever!!

  2. Andrea says:

    This blog so, so funny. Love you, Stephanie!
    EJ’s is pretty coolio-canyon-like, well, minus the bringing people drinks and not drinking drinks part!

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