A Lonely (?) Plant

it’s extremely early right now; though not as early as it was when little diva gus demanded to go out. that was around 5:20. and now i can’t get back to sleep. i guess i shouldn’t complain; after all, it’s yet another gorgeous day in columbus, and i should appreciate every one after enduring a horrid winter. but i’m straying from my point. i need some advice on how to proceed regarding a certain plant…

for the past week, there has been a gorgeous green, leafy plant right outside of our condo building. it’s absolutely beautiful and lush and about two and a half feet tall – it’s in a wonderful ceramic pot, too. basically, it would look perfect in our condo. i’ve been watching this plant. it’s on a little cart with wheels. all of these characteristics lead me to believe that it belongs to someone; but i don’t understand why anyone would leave it outside for so long. it has an obviously not cheap pot and it’s just really pretty. i don’t know when something on public grounds actually becomes public. when we were moving out of our last house, it seemed that once we placed ANYTHING outside the perimeter of our door, it became public property and free for the taking. we watched people wheel away our belongings instantaneously, with calculated precision. however, i’m just not sure as to the guidelines and etiquette in our current situation.

so, i watered this plant at this exceptionally early hour. it seemed to need it. then i wrote a note and attached it to the pot. i expressed my desire to take the plant if it didn’t have a home; even to pay the current owner. i’m not sure how this will shake out, but i really love this plant. i can’t help but be reminded of those silly notes we’d pass back in middle school: “do you like me? check a box: yes or no.” “does this plant belong to anyone? please check yes or no.”


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