Tying the knot…

Don’t get me wrong, i want to get married; it’s just the whole process can drive you to the verge of insanity. Again, I love my bride to be, and i have to admit that i have a somewhat of an idyllic vision for our nuptials, but the logistic nightmare that is planning a wedding makes me want to get on a non-stop flight to Vegas.

So much has to be determined and coordinated, input digested, and family members consulted and pleased…the list goes on and on. So, with this rather daunting task ahead, i do what any normal American male would do…curl up in the fetal position and cry.

The first task we have set out to conquer is of course setting a date. Not as easy as it sounds believe me. It’s not like opening your calender, closing your eyes and pointing at a date. We have been struggling with this seemingly easy first step for about four weeks now, and with little progress. The location actually comes before the date…there is the rub…We have talked about a Vegas resort wedding, to a destination wedding on the Gulf Coast, to a good old fashioned home of the bride wedding…and having exhausted almost all conceivable options, we are just as clueless as we were when we started this whole thing.

Being a child of divorce doesn’t make this any easier either. I have basically have six families to consider and somehow get them to the wedding without forcing anyone to take a mortgage out on their house to do it. It is a lot of pressure because i know everyone is really anxious for us to set a date…we just haven’t found a place that makes our eyes pop and our relatives say “Ill be there!”

Anyway, we are going to talk to a wedding coordinator on Thursday so hopefully we can get down that isle without being suffocated by the enormous pressure of having the perfect wedding…

So, anyhoo…that is the update for now… more later when we book something…

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