Venue Selected.

Well, i said i would give everyone an update on the wedding…here is what we know so far.

We have pretty much decided on a venue (which is the hardest part) here in CBUS. We wanted a place where all the out of towners and such could have a place to stay and hang out with the wedding party, and where we could spend a few days getting pampered (not to mention drunk) before the ceremony. So we decided on the Great Southern Westin Hotel and Spa (and theatre). It really makes the most sense. We spit-balled ideas like Vegas and Florida for weeks, and logistically, when you get right down to it, this is the best most logical place to have it.

The ceremony will be in the Great Southern Theatre and the cocktail and reception hour will follow immediately after. We are thinking of a Sunday brunch as well…we need time to swap gossip and observations of the night prior…we basically want to stretch this event as long as we can. As far as the rehearsal dinner goes, that has yet to be decided. My pops is coming into town so i imagine we will rough it out then.

The wedding coordinator over at the Westin should be getting back to us soon and then i can give everyone a date. We are shooting for Spring, but who knows when for sure…

here is a link to the hotel for the curious.

we will have a separate wedding site up in a few days that you can RSVP and check our registry, etc…i will let everyone know as that materializes.

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