About us…

It’s a way of thinking, a way of life…What are we about?living off the hook…it’s a concept, a life choice, a way to live and embrace all that you do. it’s letting go, it’s sustenance, it’s relishing in the overlooked beauty of the world, and appreciating each moment of your life. it means that you choose people over time toiling in the man-created world of chaotic systems that don’t exist outside of the paper on which they’re written. maybe it’s not one triumphant goal that we are pursuing. maybe some people don’t need to be defined by one thing that they choose to do, one characteristic they embody, one skill they have perfected. maybe we are simply pursuing a state of being. living off the hook? it culminates in a peaceful, beautiful existence on an under the radar island. it’s having the day to lazily paddle around in a backyard pool that is the Caribbean playground. it’s not comparing yourself to what you just can’t ever be, and don’t ever want to be. it’s allowing your individual self, no matter how flawed, to let go and be happy, to stop beating up on yourself because you can’t adopt a “normal” value system. it’s letting yourself smile, a real smile.


BLOG (kind of hate the word, i wish there was a different word for the blogosphere)We both author this blog under our pseudonyms (Mr. and Mrs. Parks…long story, perhaps we will write a blog about it someday…) Our hope is that this blog not only represents our lives and is a kind of keepsake for it, but we also hope to give others a glance into the many fabrics of this beautiful tapestry called life has to offer, and we hope that our blogs reflect the attitudes and way in which we hope to live our lives.





2 thoughts on “About us…

  1. Steve Olson says:

    Hi Guys,

    I love this blog…
    I checked out your photos. You look like really fun people. Don’t stop livin’

    Thanks for the link.


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